Auctarium Capillus 2017



Auctarium Capillus  by João Manoel Feliciano

Auctarium Capillus can be translated as Overweight  , with this concept and  with physical and symbolic  elements such Rope and chair that are recurrent elements in my work.
In previous performances for exemple  I pulled a church bell and a boat with a rope
In this specific performance I carry the weight of the books that represent the accumulated knowledge the rules the laws the borders the mandates the religions the bills,but also poetry, literature, love ,romance passion.

Everything we want and we do not want to carry.

Auctarium Capillus by João Manoel Feliciano

The chair is the place of being the fixed point for accommodation, to be sitting in a chair  nowadays is almost always synonymous with being bound to a bureaucratic function

Performance by João Manoel Feliciano at the opening of the collective exhibition Capillary Culture

April 1, 2017 at WM Gallery in Amsterdam

Record: Sascha Verstegen